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Idem, Identity, Identification

The Latin word ‘idem’ means ‘the same’, ‘Identity’ means ‘that what is the same’ and ‘identification’ means the process of ‘making something the same’. Let’s have a careful look at these concepts in the context of our work with Logosynthesis.

Here’s a usual conversation between two men in Western Europe, I don’t know if you know it in other parts of the world. After a dinner in a restaurant, one man asks the other one: ‘Where are you?’ The second man replies, without any afterthought: ‘I’m in the parking lot two blocks from here.’ On a closer look it’s interesting that the ‘You’ in the question and the ‘I’ in the answer don’t refer to a person, they refer to a vehicle that person is using – the vehicle is identified with its driver. This is an interesting metaphor for life on earth and therewith for some of the issues of our clients.

From the moment of birth human beings have a need for things and people to be constant. You need constancy regarding to yourself, others and our physical and cultural environment. That perceived constancy will help you to determine how and where you can fulfil your needs. The screaming dominance of these needs soon leads to an identification with your body and mind: If needs are not fulfilled, your Real Self disappears into the background of our consciousness, often to stay there forever.
Once your body and mind start to determine your identity, you’re in for a life of fear and trauma, of suffering and dependency: you never know if the needs of the body and mind you are identifying with, will be fulfilled – today, tomorrow, next week or next year. Your body will grow older and therewith less strong and attractive. Your mind will grow slower and become less flexible in reaction to opportunities for satisfaction of needs. Whenever you think you reached stability and security, something unexpected can happen. The trauma of such confrontations with the unexpected can fill your life with fear of the future.
Another, greater disadvantage of identification with your body and mind is that life won’t have an inherent meaning beyond satisfying your needs. You’ve lost contact with the Real You, for whom body and mind are vessels or vehicles to explore, to learn, to offer, to give and receive love. Of course it’s necessary to take care of those instruments, so that they can serve you for the purpose you came with, but you must learn to realise that you are not identical with the vehicle you manifested to drive you in this existence.
For coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists to be really helpful for their clients in the long run, there is no way around doing your homework with regard to the differentiation of the purpose of body, mind and spirit, identifying the deeper value of each and integrate them to become a Real Self that’s living according its bigger purpose. That’s why there is such an emphasis on your own development in Logosynthesis training.
If body and mind serving the purpose of your Essence, your immortal Soul, you’ll suffer less than when you use the light of your Being to search for stability and security. If you suffer less, you’ll be able to create a space and time for your client in which they can discover their own Real Self.
Clients will be grateful if you’re able to show them that the limitations of body and mind are not limitations of the Real Self, that they’re challenges that can be overcome. If you train you ears to hear the manifestations of idem, identity and identification in your interviews with clients, you also hear the frozen energy structures implanted by family and society. That will provide you with a wealth of material to apply Logosynthesis.