Logosynthesis Logo

The Institute for Logosynthesis® was founded in 2007 by Willem Lammers, with the purpose to spread Logosynthesis around the world. The institute has the following tasks:

  • developing the theory, the methods and the philosophy of Logosynthese
  • developing criteria for training and certification of Logosynthesis Practioners, Instructors and Trainers
  • creating training curricula
  • supporting professionals in their application of Logosynthesis
  • supporting translations of Logosynthesis books and articles
  • offering international presentations, lectures and workshops
  • publication of books, articles and videos
  • spreading knowledge about Logosynthesis in social media
  • maintaining an international website.

The institute is currently established in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland in the Liberty style Bristol House. Currently, it has local branches in Belgium, Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands.


How to get there?

You can find the institute of Logosynthese® at Bahnhofstrasse 38, 7310 Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, just opposite the train station of Bad Ragaz, in the yellow-coloured  liberty style building.

Bad Ragaz is on the motorway A13, about one hours’ ride from Zürich and St. Gallen. The train takes about the same time from both of these cities. Trains are great in Switzerland, so just try it. www.sbb.ch gives you all the time tables:

  • From Zürich take the Train at 8:37 (direction Sargans),  and you get to Bad Ragaz at 9:40 an. There is a change of train in Sargans. From St. Gallen you take the 8:26, arriving at Bad Ragaz at 9:31. These arrival times allow you to take a coffee at our cafeteria.
  • In the evening, the trains depart direction Zürich at 17:15 und 18:15 and you get to Zürich at 18:23, or 19:23.
    To St. Gallen you take the direct train at 17:27 or 18:27, with arrival at 18:34 or 19:34.

There are lots of small hotels in Bad Ragaz, you find the list under the website of Bad Ragaz Tourismus.

In a radius of about 500m you have Hotels at various prices:

i.e. Hotel RössliHotel Ursalina and Hotel Torkelbündte.

In Giessenpark there is a Campsite with rentable apartments.