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The Path of Presence, Halifax NS, Canada, October 16-18

I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.
~ C.G. Jung
What this seminar is about:
Energy can be bound or in flow. It can belong to yourself or to people, places and objects outside of yourself, your Self. The words of Logosynthesis are designed to restore the energy flow in the right place. This process will create presence, a state in the here-and-now that allows you to overcome painful experiences, to really meet others and to fulfill your mission.
Your mind – your beliefs, your emotions and your thoughts – can stand in the way of this presence. If you believe you’re the cause of other people’s pain, you will feel guilt. As a result, your thoughts and acts will be determined by that guilt. Only if you’re able to resolve the underlying belief you can assess your real responsibility in life.
Also other emotions are based on beliefs – shame, grief, fear, desire, anger and pride. Each of these emotions has its own limiting patterns and can freeze you on an unpleasantly deep energy level. When the energy bound in the underlying beliefs is freed, our level of consciousness will rise, until it’s not determined by limiting emotions anymore, but by courage, meaning, love and joy.The Path of Presence introduces you to the concept of presence and consciousness from different angles, from Carl Rogers and Roberto Assagioli to David Hawkins and Sheri Geller. This seminar will also offer a new, coherent model for the assessment and resolution of the beliefs behind limiting emotions on an existential level.Logosynthesis is a powerful instrument for the understanding, the identification and the resolution of these beliefs, and in this Practitioner seminar we’ll show you how you can do this for yourself and for your clients.

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Trish North @ 902-454-6626