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The Theme: The Path of the Self

The theme of the 2017 Summer Conference offers a new, integrated field model of the life span, with elements from Carl Gustav Jung, Kurt Lewin and Pierre Bourdieu. The Path of the Self goes far beyond developmental psychology with its accent on life stages and on the leading role of the parents and the family. We’ll present an energy field model that covers the dynamics and the complexity of the world we live in at the moment. As usual in Logosynthesis training, we’ll also focus on the spiritual context of our life on the blue planet, in terms of Essence and the Self as manifestations of life energy.

We’ll identify four force fields, or focus fields, which everyone of us meets in life. Each of these fields describes a key aspect of fulfilling our mission on earth: We must learn, we must act, we must reflect and we must step back. Developmental psychology models tend to describe this ongoing process as life stages. This may have been an adequate description of people and society in earlier times, but in my experience it doesn’t apply to the much more complex force fields we’re all subjected to in the global village we’re living in.

There are times in life in which one force field is dominant and others in which no emphasis can be determined. Nowadays we move from one field to the other with dazzling speed, and these transitions can – even will – overwhelm us. Each force field shows us aspects of our mission which we must consider, which can be accepted or avoided. The influence of a force field can be so strong that it is associated with a separate identity or personality.

Entering a field strengthens one identity and dissolving another. Leaving a field marks another transition.In leaving behind  one field and entering another one, many aspects of your familiar identity will change or will disappear – in love, work, health, wealth. Authority and intimacy will grow, decline or just change. <p><p>In each transition you enter a deep state of insecurity, in which you tend to borrow patterns in thinking, feeling and behaviour from your family, your culture, your nation or your profession. In this process you will tend to rely on familiar or new forms of second order dissociation to prevent the reactivation of first order abandonment issues.

In accepting those patterns, you might create images of the next field that are limiting and limited: Every family, peer group, work group, culture, and nation offers concepts to help you to make the transition, but these concepts can have serious disadvantages.

The Path of the Self is closely connected to The Path of Creation, first presented in 2016 in the Netherlands (again to be offered in May 2017 in Italy), but it contains new material with a completely different focus, and there will be almost no overlaps in the content. If you have attended The Path of Creation, you will also meet a different trainer in the working groups to maximise your learning experience.

Do you want to discover the story of your own life with the blueprints prepared by your environment and the colourful potential of your Essence?

The model of our Logosynthesis working conferences was originally derived from Kurt Lewin’s Field Theory and Wilfred Bion’s group work with veterans after the second World War. Building upon their experience, the Tavistock Institute designed so-called Group Relations conferences. Over many years we adapted this model at the ias Institute in Bad Ragaz. In 2016 it was fine-tuned to the training needs of professionals in Logosynthesis.

You will experience the conference theme in a way that shows you how deeply ingrained the patterns are that determine the way you run your daily life and what’s in the way of changing these patterns. Again, you can deepen this learning in the practice groups, the working groups and the plenary sessions of this conference. Read more about the learning model here.

Who can participate?

The Path of the Self event is accessible for all professionals with at least a Basic training in Logosynthesis. Certified Practitioners and Master Practitioners will participate in practice groups and working groups on their own level of experience.

Mark your calendars and join us in Bad Zwesten, Germany, June 25-30, 2017.

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